Sweat: yes, but in a controlled way

Sweat regulates our body temperature and cleans and regenerates the skin.  So of course perspiration is important for our bodies.

Necessary not nasty

It would not be healthy to completely block perspiration. Sweat-off minimizes sweating in specific, targeted areas of the body, which are not necessary for temperature regulation, and sustains the natural flow of perspiration.

Several days sweat-free

Specifically the underarms are affected by heavy perspiration.

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Deodorant? Sweat-off can do more!

Sweat-off minimizes perspiration, including the forehead, breast, back, thighs, hollow of the knee, crook of the arm, hands and feet. Everything can be kept dry.

Having excessive sweating under control offers flexibility and independence. Sweat-off offers confidence, day after day.