Our Body’s Air Conditioner

What to do with too much warmth? Our body has a clever system, in order to get rid of it. It uses the most effective cooling system in nature: evaporation.

Optimal Working Temperature: 37 Degrees Celsius

When our body produces too much warmth, it must get rid of it. That is why we have 2 to 4 million sweat glands spread out all over the body. There are especially a lot in the skin of the underarms. At least a half litre sweat is expelled through our skin on a daily basis. That requires a lot of energy from warmth – the body cools down.

More sweat does not automatically mean better cooling.

Colloquially, we don’t speak of sweating until the moisture is visible.  That happens when the moisture cannot evaporate fast enough. For example when it is hot or we exert ourselves physically. A large portion drips down, without a cooling effect. From the body’s point of view, it is an unnecessary loss of water.

Cools, but often annoys: Sweat marks
Cools, but often annoys: Sweat marks

Everyone sweats in certain areas more or less. But that is not necessary. Heavy sweating can be reduced. And even prevented on purpose – with the Sweat-off formula.