Frequently Asked Questions: Good to know

Why should I use Sweat-off?

What is the difference between Sweat-off and a deodorant?

Is Sweat-off for men or for women?

For which age groups is Sweat-off recommended?

What products does Sweat-off offer?

How does Sweat-off antiperspirant work?

How is Sweat-off used?

What can you do if your armpits quickly become irritated?

Does Sweat-off affect temperature regulation and does it hinder the secretion of toxins?

Does aluminium get deposited in the body?

Does aluminium cause disease, such as cancer for example?

What differences are there between antiperspirants?

I am pregnant. Can I continue to use Sweat-off during my pregnancy and when breast-feeding?

Can I continue using my normal deodorant?

Can I apply Sweat-off on shaved armpits?

After the application, it itched. Did I do something wrong?

Can I shower the morning after application?

After one week sweat-free, the area starts to get wet again. Why?

Who developed the Sweat-off antiperspirant formula?

What should I do, when Sweat-off doesn’t have any effect on me?