Sweat-off can handle it!

Regardless of whether it’s the Roll-on or the Dry-Pads – the result is always the same:  fresh and clean with Sweat-off.

Long-lasting protection: the Sweat-off Roll-on.

Produktibild: Sweat-off Roll-on

As a handy Roll-on, Sweat-off can last up to one year.  Only a thin layer s applied, and only when needed.  In this way, you save money in the long run and protect the environment.  The attractively designed bottle is delivered directly to your home.

For silky, dry skin: Sweat-off hands&feet.

Produktibild: Sweat-off hands & feet

Sweat-off hands & feet is available in a practical pump dispenser - Our innovation for continuous sweat-free hands and feet with the specially adapted formula from Prof. Dr. med. Raulin. For a silky, dry feeling on your skin.

Reliable, practical: Sweat-off Dry-Pads.

Produktibild:  Sweat-off Dry-Pads

Sweat-off Dry-Pads are special pads soaked with Sweat-off. Always feel fresh and certain with them. Practical when on the go: The fresh pack fits easily in your handbag or jacket.

Enjoy the feeling of dry skin anytime with Sweat-off.