Let the day begin!

You can’t plan everything. But some things can be controlled. Sweat-off offers effective protection from sweat marks and unpleasant body odour.

Enjoy the day unencumbered.
Enjoy the day unencumbered.

For a fresh and
clean feeling from
morning till evening,
for several days.

Feel good about yourself.

Our physical wellness influences our mental state. Sweat-off offers a pleasant, dry feeling for your underarms. And can also be used on the following areas for the same pleasant feeling: forehead, breast, back, thighs, in the hollow of the knees, in the crook of the arm hands and feet.

With Sweat-off you can be sure.

  • Wear your clothing without fearing sweat marks.
  • Feel certain during your presentation, in contact with customers and during job interviews.     
  • Don’t worry, go dancing and play sports.
  • Feel free again and confident in contact with others, without heavy sweating.
  • At home, in the office or on the go, travelling – you have everything under control!
  • Enjoy a completely new attitude towards life!

Sweat-off offers reliable protection in all of life’s situations.