Don’t sweat. Live.

Sweat-off works two-fold: The antiperspirant reliably protects against sweat marks and odour for several days when used regularly.

Antiperspirant protection that lasts several days - how is that possible?

Sweat-off is based on a specially balanced formula, developed by the German Dermatologist and Professor Dr. med. Raulin* from Karlsruhe. A combination of highly purified water, aluminium chloride and plant cellulose creates the maximal long-term antiperspirant protection. It is simple to use and scientifically tested.

Foto glückliches Paar
My new freedom: Sweat-off

Customers give it top ratings

  • Effectively and reliably reduces the production of sweat.
  • Protects against unpleasant body odour.
  • Protects against ugly sweat marks.
  • Offers a confident, dry feeling.

Enjoy a completely new attitude toward life!
You are ready for any situation in your career and personal life with Sweat-off.

* Founder and majority shareholder of Sweat-off GmbH.