Sweat-off Antiperspirant
Deodorant Roll-on, 50ml

Sweat-off antiperspirant deodorant roll-on works reliably against sweat and sweat odours with the specially balanced formula from Prof. Dr. med. Raulin, the developer and founder of Sweat-off. Alcohol-free, perfume-free, and free of dyes and preservatives.

Long Lasting: Available in a convenient roll-on, one bottle of Sweat-off is enough for one year as it is only applied with very thin layer. And only when needed. On armpits, the forehead, back, chest, inside elbows and the hollow of the knee.

  • If perspiration bothers: Sweat-off antiperspirant turns off sweat and odour for days
  • Reliable protection against sweat and odour
  • Formula for success by Prof. Dr. med. Raulin, Heidelberg University in Germany
  • Free of alcohol, perfume, dyes and preservatives
  • Long Lasting: Sweat-off roll-on deodorant is enough for one year
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Feel secure and clean all the time with Sweat-off –
at home, in the office or when travelling.

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