Sweat-off Antiperspirant 5er Dry-Pad Box

Sweat-off antiperspirant dry-pads are reliable against sweat and sweat odour with the specially balanced formula from Prof. Dr. med. Raulin, the developer and founder of Sweat-off. Free of alcohol, perfume, dyes and preservatives.

Five pads in the box: Sweat-off Dry-Pads are special fleece pads soaked with Sweat-off. You always feel fresh and secure with them. Practical for on the go: The fresh pack can easily be stored in your handbag or your jacket.

Can be used, when needed, on the armpits, forehead, back, chest, inside of the elbow and hollow of the knee. Always feel fresh and secure.

  • Switching off the sweat: Highly effective antiperspirant stops sweat and odour
  • Developed by Prof. Dr. med. Raulin, Heidelberg University in Germany
  • Free of alcohol, perfume, dyes and preservatives
  • Special mat cloth soaked with Sweat-off´s approved ingredients and care compounds
  • Practical when on the go: The fresh pack fits easily in your handbag or jacket


Feel secure and clean all the time with Sweat-off –
at home, in the office or when travelling.

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