Sweat is history.

Why sweat, when it could be different? With Sweat-off you will always feel fresh and clean. The antiperspirant actively protects against underarm perspiration before it is generated.

With Sweat-off you have sweating under control

Sweat-off can do it! Sweat-off forms a unity between keratin (protein produced by the body) and the initially occurring perspiration (beads), which absorb into the channels of the sweat glands. Further: At the same time, Sweat-off constricts the sweat glands. The result: The beads are locked in and prevent the sweat from reaching the surface. Less sweat means less body odour!

Sweat-off shows results: That creates popularity

Independent forums prove customer satisfaction.

Wirksamkeit wissenschaftlich bestätigt!

The effect of Sweat-off lasts longer with time. Some users apply Sweat-off only once a month!