The formula for the “fresh and clean”

Sweat-off has the specially balanced formula, which offers protection for several days: against underarm perspiration and the development of unpleasant odour. Developed by Prof. Dr. med. Raulin* himself.

The expert behind Sweat-off

Foto Prof. Dr. med. Christian Raulin

Professor Dr. med. Christian Raulin* is a medical specialist in dermatology, allergology and venology. Trained at the Heidelberg University Clinic, he was celebrated as a pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgery and medicine. He developed the Sweat-off formula.

A portrait of Prof. Dr. med. Raulin

With selected ingredients for maximum deodorant protection

One active ingredient alone does not yield an effect. “It is about the right basics and the perfect combination,” reveals Prof. Dr. med. Raulin*. His formula means: Sweat-off works targeted at the source where sweating begins.

  • Aluminium salts bond with water. Furthermore, they restrict the sweat gland canals, which leads to the first sweat reduction. In the Sweat-off formula, the salts form protein plugs when combined with the still existing perspiration (water), loose dander and sebum in the skin – these restrict the sweat glands.
  • Highly purified water forms the compatible basis for the solution.
  • Plant cellulose offers good viscosity and a pleasant consistency for the application of Sweat-off.
  • In the exact perfectly balanced, galenic preparation, the active ingredients can unfold their full potential.

The result: effective protection against sweat marks and odour - for many days!

What we left out is important.

No alcohol, no perfume, no colour or conservatives. The skin compatibility is scientifically tested.

* Founder and majority shareholder of Sweat-off GmbH.