How to free your life.

Who could have dreamed it: Reduce sweating, targeted and easily! On the underarms, forehead, breast, back, thighs, hollow of the knee, crook of the arm, hands and feet. Sweat-off offers a long lasting fresh and clean feeling – for many days.

From Sweat-off beginner to pro

For your first usage, apply Sweat-off on a maximum of three to four evenings in a row. As soon as the desired effect occurs, take a break. That can happen after the first application. Do not use the antiperspirant again until sweat has begun to flow again. You will see yourself: As time goes by, you will need to apply Sweat-off less and less!

This is how to become sweat-free:

Apply a thin layer of Sweat-off on clean, dry and healthy skin, only in the evening, before going to sleep.

Long lasting and effective: Application possibilities


  • Roll over the effected skin area only once with the roll-on


  • First apply to the fingertip or on a cotton pad, then apply to the skin in circling movements


  • Coat the skin area gently with the Dry-Pads

Apply only on the sweat-affected areas and only when necessary (first usage or when sweat begins to flow again).

Long-term protection over night


  • Overnight, the aluminium salts are drawn to the sweat glands and close them together with keratin (protein produced in the body).

Pleasant! Dry

Sweat-off works for several days when used regularly and reliably protects against sweat marks and odour.

You have the choice: Use Sweat-off only on occasions such as an elegant dinner party or to your next job interview. Or use Sweat-off regularly and enjoy remaining sweat-free.